health & safety

Our commitment to Health and Safety boosts the quality of our work, allowing our engineers to approach the job with versatility and maintain your confidence in us.

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Nick Foster
Brookside (Southern) Ltd
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Key to success

Health and Safety is key to the success and development of our industry. Brookside (Southern) has always known its importance and made it part working practice. Our staff have up to date health and safety qualifications and, more to the point, they understand their implications.

Committed to quality

Brookside is committed to keeping up a consistent quality for all our services. We communicate a full picture of our quality assurance systems and operational procedures to our clients throughout the project. We are always monitoring and developing working practices to protect the safety of our operatives, our clients, the general public, your property and the environment.


For further details on our working practices see our Policy Statement. Brookside (Southern) Ltd adheres to the Codes of Regulations made under the Acts covering safe working practices:

The Factories Act 1961
The Health and Safety at work Act 1974
The Construction (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations 1996